Shadsworth Infant School



Claire LincolnMy name is Claire Lincoln and I am the Deputy Headteacher at Shadsworth Infant School.  I have a variety of different roles and responsibilities within school some of which including Assessment, Maths and Key Stage 1.

I also hold a teaching responsibility within school which has been brilliant as this allows me to keep in touch with the classroom environment and the learning that takes place.  I lead assessment within school and I have also led assessment throughout my last position at my previous school.

I hold a genuine interest in the area of assessment and I have a firm belief that assessment drives and leads success throughout a school.  I recognise that sometimes teacher become averse to assessment and see it as a ‘half term week’ where children are assessed on their learning.

It is my drive and aim to guide and coach schools and their staff away from this thinking and to use assessment as an invaluable tool to raise standards and make the lives of teachers and all staff within school smoother.  Assessment is the tool to ensure that all the jigsaw pieces that schools are juggling can be placed together to inform the learning and success of all its pupils.