St. Thomas’ C. E. Primary School



My name is Donna and I have worked at St Thomas’ CE Primary School since September 2007.

I am currently a year two teacher but I have taught throughout the primary sector. At St Thomas’ I lead a great team in phonics, music, I mentor student teachers and I run various clubs including choirs, gardening and the ARTS team.

I believe that as an educator we should offer to our children the best opportunities and experiences to help engage them in their learning rather than just learning facts.

Reading is a great passion of mine and I encourage children that I teach to grow to love books. When I was at school I struggled terribly with reading and I hope to help children who find the reading of words difficult through the teaching of phonics. I hope that children who have grasped how to apply their phonic knowledge into the reading of words will then develop into readers who enjoy and understand the texts that they are exposed to. Ensuring that my phonics teaching was good was one of my first steps to helping children read. I have studied and developed the teaching sequence, assessment and application of phonics in both reading and writing and have supported teachers and student teachers (Ashton on Mersey SCITT and Team Alliance) to do the same.

Whilst leading phonics I have helped the school in raising its phonics screening results to 95% in the academic year of 2015 – 2016 and developed the teaching and assessment of phonics. I am now working in leading the school on how to develop spelling through phonics and the resources that we use.