St. Thomas’ C. E. Primary School



My name is Judith Myhill and I have been a part of the Maths Team at St Thomas’ CEP School since 2013. I have also been Maths Subject Leader since 2014. As a Numbers Count Teacher, (from 2013) I have benefitted from high quality, motivating professional development. I have been given the opportunity to develop my teaching to become a specialist in what I do.

Over the past five years, I have been able to immerse myself in the teaching of maths. Through doing this, Maths has gone from a subject that was merely enjoyable to my passion.  I have a fundamental desire to make maths a subject that all children can achieve in and- ultimately- enjoy.  The desire for the success in, and the pure joy of participating in, maths motivates me.

As a Numbers Count Teacher and Maths Subject Leader, I have been able to provide support and advice to staff in both my own school and others. I have delivered training on the introduction and use of Numicon and concrete equipment; counting; calculation through CPA; unpicking problems in fractions; the basics of the Maths National Curriculum and introduction to maths mastery.  In addition, I have supported teachers through joint planning, delivery and evaluation of maths lessons.

I am particularly interested in the Singapore Approach to teaching Maths and I have successfully implemented Inspire Maths across our school. This has led to Oxford University Press awarding St Thomas’ School the status of Inspire Maths Advocate School.

Regardless of approach, I believe that the success of all children’s mathematical education can be improved through supported professional reflection, research and dialogue.