PHTA – 2015
Putting Heads Together Again is a program run to develop exceptional school leaders from within our own schools and academies. We have had well over 100 candidates undertake the course and over 40 of these are now either deputy or assistant heads, with at least 8 currently taking on their own headships. Candidates tell us that the course helps to develop their knowledge, understanding and passion for leadership. TEAM members organise, run and administer the course and through TEAM we continue to be able to offer it to schools within and beyond Blackburn. This year we welcome schools from Lancashire and Bolton.

The course comprises of two full days of training on the ‘Joys of Headship’ and the support available to school leaders. We also offer a menu of twilight session, run by current heads and deputies on a range of topics such as leading teams, data, governance, school to school support, SEN, and other areas selected by each cohort.

In addition to these sessions, each years around 20 serving heads volunteer to coach candidates from establishments other than their own, and also offer workshadowing opportunities for them.

The course is nationally accredited, but the relationships developed between candidates and between candidates and coaches, and between schools are the biggest benefit and these are often the basis for ongoing professional relationships and development.