St Stephens’s C of E Primary

Reading & Phonics


I have been employed at St Stephen’s C of E Primary School for a total of 6 years and have held the additional role of Key Stage One Leader of Teaching and Learning for the previous 3 years. Furthermore I am responsible for leading reading and phonics across the school, co-ordinating educational visits and mentoring college students and work placements.

I have played a significant role in supporting change at St Stephen’s C of E contributing towards raising the achievement of teaching, learning and attainment within my Key Stage and across the wider school. Within my role as Key Stage Leader I am regularly monitoring teaching and learning within the Key Stage which includes monitoring books, moderating as a team, lesson observations and analysing data. I am responsible for the assessment, delivery and implementation of daily systematic stage-related phonics sessions in both Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One. Through the delivery of well-monitored phonic sessions it is evident that progress and attainment in reading has improved. As a result the school is now working well above National Average having made a significant increase of 29% in 2015 with 93% of children passing the phonics screening test.

In addition to teaching and leading the Key Stage I participate in Local Authority moderating. This entails visits to other schools within the Borough to moderate their end of Key Stage One levels and ensure accurate judgements have been secured. I consider this experience to be vital in supporting members of staff and through my involvement in monitoring children’s writing I am able to ensure that the school is making accurate assessments that are consistent with the National Standards.

I have had personal experience of working in a school in special measures therefore I am aware of the pressure and difficulties this can cause. I have the drive and determination to motivate and inspire others who are experiencing difficulties, providing support and experience in order to champion positive change.