St Thomas’ Primary School

English / Grammar


Carley DootsonMy Name is Carley Dootson and I work at St Thomas’ Primary School in Blackburn. I have several areas of responsibility within school and I am currently: English coordinator; NQT mentor; TLR lead for years 4, 5 and 6; full-time year 6 class teacher; link tutor for the Reading Recovery programme and a self-confessed grammar geek.
Throughout my teaching career, I have delivered English lessons to every year group from reception to year 6 and I have coordinated the subject for the past seven years. My classes have always made ‘outstanding progress’ in reading and writing. Last year, I moved to teach year 6 for the first time and during the academic year 2014-2015 the end of KS2 SAT results for grammar rose from 52% of pupils achieving level 5, to 64% achieving level 5. 5% of pupils also achieved level 6. I am a passionate and result-driven teacher and leader who continually strives for the best outcomes for our children.
During my time as an English coordinator I have developed the subject as a whole and I have also worked on some of its smaller elements. This covers everything from improving the teaching of handwriting across the school to radically changing the way English is taught by introducing new whole-school systems for lessons.
Implementing Pie Corbett’s Talk for Writing across the whole school has been a key project for me this year. I am involved in all aspects of leadership in this area. I have: supported staff with planning; carried out performance management observations; worked alongside a Talk For Writing consultant and been observed delivering lessons from colleges both within my school and from other schools in the borough.