Caroline Aughton



Feniscowles Primary School



I have been deputy head at Feniscowles Primary School since January 2013 where I have the responsibility for assessment and curriculum development throughout the school. In addition to this I have taken a lead role in implementing Active Thinking and Learning Skills, which I believe underpins learning both in and out of the classroom as well as being instrumental in the development of the whole child.

Prior to becoming a deputy head I worked for a number of years as a Music AST for the authority.

During this time I supported many of the borough’s schools on raising the profile of music within the primary school. This included supporting teachers in the delivery of music as well as planning sessions where music formed a part of the creative curriculum, rather than it being taught as a discreet subject. I worked collaboratively and cooperatively with my schools to ensure that music teaching and the resources used were of high quality and that the children gained a progression of skills as well as an enjoyment of all aspects of the subject. I led whole school singing sessions to promote the love of singing – a skill that everyone can do together and is inclusive to all. During these sessions I trained both pupils and staff as singing leaders so that these sessions could continue and grow and become embedded into school life.  I delivered CPD at staff meetings demonstrating how music has its place in the school day as well as providing exciting and relevant resources for delivery by the non- specialist.

I have invaluable subject knowledge gained as a teacher and as a Music AST and I ensured I shared this expertise by working alongside colleagues helping them to develop their musical knowledge and confidence in embedding music into their planning and their school day.

I have also been involved in the authority’s musical events and have lead singing items at the Big and Mini Sing. I have delivered music and creativity workshops on the NQT and RQT programmes for many years, equipping these new teachers with musical skills to use in their classrooms.

The love of music is one we should all experience; a singing school is a happy school.