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jude-harlingI have worked as a teacher within the authority since 1982. During this time I have had the opportunity to work within a variety of settings which include home tuition for excluded pupils, Witton Park High School, Blackburn College [with long term unemployed people], a pastoral trainer within The Anglican Church, a volunteer Samaritan and I was a founder member of Blackburn’s Women’s Aid. These life experiences are relevant to my SLE because a common factor for the hundreds of people that I have come alongside as a helper is poor literacy and numeracy skills. Government data shows that people’s life chances are linked to attainment in primary numeracy and literacy.

Since qualifying as a teacher it has been my burning passion to make a difference and to inspire others to do the same. 14 years ago I opted to work within the Primary Sector.

At the present moment I am part of the Maths Leadership Team [ 10th Yr}, Lead Yr 2 class teacher [12 Yrs], KS1 moderator and Associate Tutor for Schools Direct. I have also been involved with delivering maths training to P.G.C.E students.

My role in achieving sustainable improvement is twofold. The use of coaching and mentoring skills to build up staff and pupils so that they can fulfil their potential. Secondly, a commitment to understanding the pedagogy that underpins learning, which enables me to deliver and model outstanding quality first teaching.

Most people underestimate the impact that they can have on others. By encouraging other adults to fulfil their potential as educators, my desire to make a difference becomes like a pebble in a pool sending out ripples into our children’s futures.