Avondale Primary School, Darwen

Leadership and Management


4-vicky-brownI am currently in my 7th year as a Deputy Headteacher. At present I am working at Avondale Primary School, Darwen. Previously I was Deputy Head at Sacred Heart RC, Blackburn.

Currently in school I have responsibility for curriculum development, assessment, support staff, child protection and staff CPD. Previously I have been PE, Maths, Geography, RE, Science and assessment lead. I have had the pleasure of working in both church schools, community schools, schools that are predominantly EAL, a school that was in ‘requires improvement’ and subsequently was graded good and currently in a good school with outstanding features.

Working in a large primary school with over 400 pupils and 65 staff you definitely need great interpersonal skills to get the best out of pupils and staff. I work well with staff, pupils, governors and outside agencies in sharing the vision and values of the school and in trying to reach a common goal for the best of our children.

Reflective practise and self-evaluation are instrumental in driving schools forward. Within school I undertake lesson observations, learning walks, book monitoring the outcomes of these feed into school development plans. Projects that I have led such as becoming an ECAR school have led to higher expectations, improved attainment and progress in reading across the school. The implementation of a tracking system was key to raising standards in school, this has been hugely successful for both pupils and staff and is now built into school life. Every day is a new one and we all should be learning and developing.

Being curriculum and assessment lead has seen a lot of change recently and I have continued my professional development by attending various training courses on the new curriculum, changes to assessment, feedback and marking. I have then delivered this back to staff in school, governors and parents.

The role of an SLE is an exciting opportunity for an outward-facing role, and a great opportunity to share skills and spread outstanding practise.