St Thomas’. C.E Primary School

Leadership of Continuing Professional Development, English, Computing,  PSHE and Behaviour and Discipline


I am the deputy head teacher at St Thomas’ C of E primary School where I have the responsibility for assessment, leadership of continuing professional development and the Apple Regional Training Centre.

My other responsibilities include: PSHE (JIGSAW), Behaviour, English writing cluster meeting facilitator, ITT and delivering computing and iPad training. The various roles involve leading visions, implementing and managing strategies in order for maximum impact within schools and most importantly instrumental in the development of the whole child. As the assessment co-ordinator, I am passionate in assessment and allowing the opportunity to improve upon our teaching practise and move forward the learning of all children through identifying areas of development within their education.

Additionally, I have worked with the Standards Testing Assessment (STA) through the DfE. This involved working on performance level descriptors, standard setting and identifying in depth learners. When supporting schools within the Blackburn with Darwen Local Authority, this has allowed me to deliver training for middle leaders and ensure they are up to date with government agendas, in preparation for their own journey into future leadership roles.

Furthermore, I have been involved in the successful accreditation of the Apple Regional Training Centre (RTC) for Blackburn. My role has involved supporting children and teachers to develop confidence and skills in using Apple technology to support 24 hour learning. Furthermore, I manage Apple educational regional events which involve hosting and delivering creative, inspiring workshops and seminars. As an educator, I believe that one of the most effective ways of leading and improving teaching and learning in school is for leaders to be outstanding role models for teachers and students. I am committed to inspiring students and adults to be life-long learners but more importantly, achieve their full potential!